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SPRING NAIL COLORS 2021 | Nail salon 46260

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We’re curating a list of 2021 spring nail colors that are sure to leave you feeling fresh, fabulous, and well-prepared for your next salon visit:

  • Pink: Gone are the days of more muted, neutral pinks. Look for all shades, from bubblegum to hot pink. In case you don’t know, bubblegum pink is set to be huge in 2021 and you can expect to see this shade in many top-notch nail salons in your local area.
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  • Green: All shades of green look flattering on your 2021 spring manicure. It's time to become one with nature and try the green nail polish trend. Whether you prefer a soft shade or a more classic version of the hue, we're seeing nail artists all over social media giving themselves leafy manicures that look fresh for spring. Find your new favorite bottle of green — a fashion-forward investment ahead of St. Patrick's Day.
Revive Nails - Nail salon in Indianapolis, IN 46260

  • Scarlet: A slightly orange-tinted shade of red, scarlet is the color of flames and the symbol of power. This vibrant tone of red can inspire a fresh start for the new year. Painting scarlet color on your nails will feel like wearing in-bloom poppies on your digits.
  • Sky Blue: Forget about the frustration of COVID-19! The light, calming color of sky blue somehow reminds us of a brighter future ahead. Also, wearing this blue shade is a good way to say goodbye to the winter season and say hello to spring.
  • Coral: Slightly brighter and zingier, it is the perfect pick for spring nails 2021. This hue makes a fun, youthful statement for spring and practically is a breath of fresh air.
Revive Nails - Nail salon in Indianapolis, IN 46260

What else? Matching your nail shade to your face mask has also been an emerging trend that may continue into early 2021. All you need to do for a neat look is to schedule an appointment with a good nail salon and spa.

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